May 2011 & 2012

May Day is an annual nationwide march that seeks to draw attention to civil, labor, and human rights issues across the United States. The 11th and 12th annual events on May 1 (2011, 2012) was sponsored by El Comite Pro-Reforma Migratoria Y Justicia Social, a Seattle based grass-roots social justice organization “which struggles to achieve comprehensive immigration reform for all working immigrants and fulfill the dream for social justice.”

Led by King County Council Member Larry Gossett, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Asha Mohamed, leader of the Somali and Muslim Community of Greater Seattle, several thousand demonstrators assembled at Judkins Park and marched down Jackson Street to 4th Avenue, finishing at Memorial Stadium at the Seattle Center where both Kucinich and Gossett spoke as part of a two-hour program.

Though infiltrated by a small band of Anarchists, the peaceful march formed an alliance between traditional labor and immigrant rights organizations. Among the governmental and corporate policies oppressing these communities, the GEO Group and CCA—the two largest for-profit prison corporations—are the “power and brains behind the anti-immigrant laws” that incarcerate harmless individuals to the tune of “$70,000 per day per filled cell.” Chase and Wells Fargo are major shareholders of these profit schemes and continue to receive criticism and protest.