November 2009
Boston, MA & NYC

Reduced to just four-percent of their original two-million-acre sprawl, the Coastal Redwoods of Northern California are the world’s oldest living structures whose origins trace twenty million years. Filtering the atmosphere, it’s feasible that organic residue from these giants have spread to all covers of the planet over the course of their lifetimes. Taking a digital photograph of the Redwood Landscape, each pixel was dissected and assigned a Twitter hashtag (#) and CSS color code to reorganize the image as a living Web body. Expanding to subjects across America: from the Coast of Maine, Yellowstone, Olympic Peninsula, and the urban landscape of New York City, each scene captures an organic process in transition; whether molecular (transpiration), alive (Holometabola), or in decay (senescence), remnants from America’s living museums digitally transform to carry the inevitability of entropy into mankind’s living creation: The Internet.